Sharing innovative knowledge

Welcome to the VTS website, a small business company that strives to promote innovative knowledge through the development of e-learning materials using the results of  research and development projects in the domain of supply chain security and customs.

VTS practical experience covers a wide range of knowledge. The main topics of work are presented below, starting with recent activities:

  • Data sharing across global supply chains and supply chain security;
  • Data analytics, data sources, and architecture for Customs risk management;
  • Development of e-learning materials to share innovative knowledge;
  • Ecosystem for interoperability and trust;
  • Paperless systems for digital trade;
  • Automation of accounting in production;
  • Automation of the supply chain of machinery spare parts;
  • Industrial automation and telecommunications in electricity distribution networks.

VTS is interested in further developing its expertise, sharing innovative knowledge and gaining recognition through collaboration on the above topics. Collaboration may take the form of participation in research projects as a party to the project or through the provision of services as a contractor, subcontractor developing a specific solution or providing consultancy.